Tygon LP-1200

Features and Benefits

• Transparent – Easy to diagnose fuel flow or leak problems
• Adaptable to Frigid Conditions
– Maintains flexiblility in cold weather
• High purity fluoropolymer inner liner – Reduces the risk of fuel system fouling from extractable solids found in typical rubber products
• Superior fuel resistance and compatible with ethanol-enhanced fuels – Worry-free operation
• Excellent ftting retention – 100% seal for optimum safety
• Superior flexibility – Easy assembly, routing and optimized fuel pick-up
• Excellent elasticity – Prevents “necking” from over-stretching during installation
• Submersible* – Applicable with most fuel applications*
• UV resistant: Meets ANSI B175.1 Annex D Standard UV testing – Durable; long service life
* Not recommended for reuse in higher
temperature applications

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